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My work is client-centered guided by your needs and where you are in the change process. I am mindful to set the pace of our work at an optimal level. I aim to uncover the strengths that you have, understanding that you may not have recognized them as such. Knowing your strengths will certainly aid you in the process. Collaboratively we will set goals, so that you are in the driver’s seat for this journey.


Our current culture seems to value possessions more than individuals and their well-being. We are daily being given messages of who we are or ought to be.  Additionally, there still exist many power imbalances which contribute to problems we experience. These influences can be difficult to work against for members of oppressed groups. I impress on clients that they are the experts on themselves and they also can create the solutions which work best for them. I value you as a person rather than your roles.


I also bear in mind that our emotional well-being is connected to our physical and spiritual well-being, since we are integrated beings. I believe in the healing power of nature and aim to bring it into sessions as much as possible. 


I may incorporate several different therapeutic modalities into our work including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), art, journaling, development of insights, self care strategies such as relaxation, or suggested relevant reading. Working between our sessions is very helpful in the change process. Reflective exercises essential for this process will be recommended.


My role in the relationship includes providing a safe, secure place for the work and to guide the process. You can be sure you will find support, understanding and compassion from me and you can also count on me to challenge your persistent patterns or misconceptions when it’s needed.


Your role in the relationship includes being as open and honest as possible, which is so critical and not always easy. Additionally, a strong commitment to your change process is essential for success.

  • Supportive Relationships
  • Optimism
  • Healthy Self-Esteem
  • Self-Care
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Stress Management
  • Meaningful Goals
  • Taking Action
Be gentle with yourself.  You're doing the best you can.
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